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Referendum: Group Understanding and Empowerment


Referendum has just had its first public beta release!

What Is Referendum?

A community-creation web toolkit focused around issues and their resolution through voting. Each referendum installation defines a community tree of parent-child groups, where all members of a child group are also members of all of that child's parent groups. Members can create new child groups and propose, discuss and vote on issues pertinent to their groups.
A drop-in web aplication used for understanding and empowering on-line communities through the democratic process, based on a completely open source foundation.
for developers
An efficient and flexible open-source web application framework for Eiffel programmers, called ewe and based on Apache, the Fast-CGI web application architecture (through my own Small-FCGI Eiffel bindings), the Postgresql database (through Dustin Sallings' Eiffel postgres bindings), the GNU Eiffel compiler SmallEiffel, and the GOBO portable data structures library.
A testbed for the future development of Eiffel libraries in such areas as databases, XML, internet protocols and multithreading (all are areas in which I see the project developing in the future)

How can I help?

My hair is going fast. If you have any spare monoxidyl I could sure use it.
Oh, you meant the project? Glad you asked! Referendum is a completely Open Source project, so there are lots of ways to help and plenty of tasks to complete.
If you do good, you can join the development team. Whee!
Referendum uses sourceforge to coordinate development. Check out the project page over at sourceforge.net, and please fill out the First Impressions survey on that site after poking around this one a bit.

We also need people willing to host a Referendum server.

Where Do I Get It?

Beta Release 0.9.1 was Released 6-May-2000.

New in this release:

I appreciate feedback. laheadle@cs.uchicago.edu
Please Drop me a line if you are (interested in) using Referendum!

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